Nature News September 2016

Posted on Sep 3, 2016

The first month of school is already over! Time flies when you are having fun, and we certainly are having a lot of fun exploring our new “classroom without walls.” After our first couple days of rain we have been fortunate to have beautiful September weather to ease the transition to school!

The underlying theme of this month has been OBSERVATION as we have been focusing on one of our FIVE SENSES each week. Along with our guided explorations, we have been engaging in dramatic play, community building, and learning how our bodies move and feel outside!

Sense of Touch

When discovering our sense of touch we made texture collages, felt the differences between animal furs, and discovered different words to describe how things

Sense of Hearing

Although we have been focusing a lot on using our listening ears with our friends and teachers, we also turned our ears to making music with sticks and finding both human-made and natural sounds in our park.

Sense of Taste

For our sense of taste we discussed what animals harvest outside and collected rosehips to make rosehip tea!

Sense of Smell

We are currently exploring our sense of smell. So far, we have made nature potions and a scent matching scavenger hunt!

Forage (Explore) Time Discoveries:

While this month has been very focused on discovery and exploration of our outdoor classroom, we have also been discovering how to play outside without standard toys and materials. Not to worry, because with their budding imaginations, this endeavor has not been a tough one! Here are some highlights and common themes that I have noticed throughout September:

  • Building a cabin with the saw dust from the “woodchip log”
  • Opening a bakery/restaurant and taking orders
  • Discovering animal signs
  • Gross motor skills – jumping, climbing, running, balancing, etc.
  • “Fishing” at the pond
  • Creating tools
  • Water painting

Do animals leave signs behind?

  • Bryce – “I can tell [that they have been there] because I can see their footprints.”
  • Liam – “I can see its poop or footprints or dead things it ate.
  • Stella – “Their poop”
  • Ruby – “I can look for where it lives”
  • Eloise – “They [animals] poop there and then walk to another place.”
  • Eli – “If it’s furry animal it might leave behind fur”

What do animals harvest outside?

  • Stella- “Flowers and leaves and tiny pebbles”
  • Bryce- “I think squirrels harvest and hide acorns.”
  • Liam- “The moon.” (Tyler)”How?” (L)”They shoot an arrow” (T)”What is the moon made of?” (L)”Rock”
  • Eloise- “I think bears harvest berries, nuts, and fish.”
  • Ruby- “I think beavers harvest trees.”

What do you wonder about the dam?

  • Eloise – Is there wood inside the beaver dam?
  • Eli – “Are there real beavers in there?”
  • Liam – “I wonder if there’s two beavers in each dam or one beaver in each?”
  • Stella- “Are there beavers living there?
  • Ruby- “Will the dam get bigger?”
  • Bryce- “I am wondering four things: I think there are 3 beavers and 2 babies, are there? Did the big daddy put the big tooth marks on the wood? Are they real? Did it take lots of trees to make the dam?

What is your favorite thing about Nature School so far?

  • Liam- “Seeing the birds and listening to them.”
  • Stella- “I don’t have a favorite, the whole thing is good.”
  • Ruby- “I don’t know, everything.”
  • Bryce- “Going fishing!”
  • Eloise- “Everything.”