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Fast Small Business Loans Are Available

Fora Financial can provide small business loans up to $750,000 in as little as 72 hours from approval.

Many business owners think that pursuing a traditional bank loan or business line of credit is too time consuming. At Fora Financial, we realize that your time is precious, so we make our small business financing process short and simple.
No business is the same; while your business may require new equipment, another business needs to fill inventory orders. We provide you with necessary business financing, and you choose how to use it!
We know that small business loans aren't 'one size fits all.' With flexible requirements, loan amounts, and terms, you'll receive a small business financing option that's tailor-made for you.

Learn About Our Loans for Small Business Owners

Are you curious about how small business loans work? Watch this quick video to learn about how our business financing can benefit your operations!

Fora Financial’s Business Financing Details

Benefits of a Small Business Loan:

  • Working Capital from $5K – $750K
  • Business Loan Terms up to 15 months
  • Flexible Payments
  • Early Payoff Discounts
  • No Collateral Required
  • Free, No Obligation Quote

Business Loans Are Perfect For These Industries:

  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Auto
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing

How to Use Your Term Loan – No Restrictions

  • Pay Your Taxes
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Hire Staff
  • Invest in Advertising
  • Expand Your Operations
  • Have Cash for Payroll
  • Pay for Renovation Costs
  • Fill Cash Flow Gaps

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How to Get Approved for a Business Loan

Complete our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours.
Funds get deposited directly into your business bank account in as little as 72 hours from approval.
Monitor all transactions in real-time, using our state-of-the-art proprietary software.

Small Business Loan Requirements*

  • At least 6 months in business
  • $12,000 minimum in gross sales
  • No open bankruptcies

Get Started

*Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee funding.

Small Business Loan Comparison

At Fora Financial, we pride ourselves on providing our customers secure, personalized business loans.
Want to see how we measure up to the competition? Check out the chart below:
Fora Financial Most Banks Competitors
High Approval Rate      
Perfect Credit Score Not Required      
Early Payoff Discounts      
Receive Financing Quickly      
Minimal Paperwork Required      
Renewal Benefits      
Consultative Approach to Financing      

Everything You Should Know About How to Get a Business Loan

At Fora Financial, we understand that your business’s finances are important to you.

That’s why we want to provide you with as much information about how to apply for a small business loan as possible. Keep reading to learn more about our business loan program, and about this type of loan in general.

Why Fora Financial Business Loans Stand Out

At Fora Financial, we want to see your business succeed. That’s why our business loan product is flexible. Whether it’s terms up to 15 months or early payoff discounts as low as 10 cents on the dollar, our goal is to ensure that your business has the capital it needs.

Fora Financial’s Commitment to Customer Service

When applying for any type of business loan, it should be a personal experience. And once you receive your loan, this level of customer service must continue. That’s what we strive to do here at Fora Financial.

Throughout the financing process, you’ll receive focused attention from our staff. First, you’ll work with one of our knowledgeable Capital Specialists, who can answer any questions you have about the financing process.

Once you receive your loan, our customer service team will be there to assist you. They’ll provide you with information about your repayment process and connect you with a renewal representative when you’re ready for more financing.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying For a Business Loan:

Loan Application Types Fora Financial Icon

1. Why do I need a business loan, and how will I use the loan funds?

Before applying, you should review your business plan so that you can determine how you'll utilize the financing. Do you have broken equipment that must be fixed, a need to meet payroll, or do you have expansion plans?
Knowing how you want to use your small business's working capital loan will help you determine how quickly you need it, the desired loan amount, and the cost you’re comfortable paying.
Paying off debt - cash icon

2. Do I have outstanding debt to pay off?

It's important to consider existing debt, whether it be from business credit cards or previous loans. If you aren’t going to use your funds for debt consolidation, it will be challenging to repay a new loan while also paying off other debts.
So, if you still have significant debt to pay off, we suggest waiting before you apply for a loan. You’ll likely feel more comfortable repaying a loan if you aren't obligated to make other debt payments at the same time.
Loan Application Icon

3. Do I fully understand how the loan application process works?

Before submitting your application, you should review the lender’s qualifications. You can view our funding requirements below.

How to Prepare Your Small Business Loan Application

Preparing your small business application
Before you submit your application, compile the necessary documents. We require your business’s three most recent bank statements and our one-page application to get started. Depending on other factors, some online lenders may request a month-to-date bank statement, annual revenues, tax returns, P&L and balance sheet.

Once approved, we’ll ask for your driver’s license, a void check, and proof of ownership of the business. To speed up the process, we suggest that you prepare these documents ahead of time.

Business Financing Requirements

We want to ensure that our valued applicants fully understand why we have the requirements that we do. For instance, we require that businesses be operational for at least 6 months before we’ll provide them with a loan. This is to ensure you’ve gotten your business off the ground, have a use for the capital, and can responsibly handle the payments.

Businesses typically qualify for our products if they make more than $12,000 a month in gross sales. We have this prerequisite because we don’t want to provide financing to a business if the repayment process will be too difficult for them to handle while meeting other responsibilities (such as paying rent or purchasing inventory).

In addition, we don’t work with businesses that have open bankruptcies, or any dismissed bankruptcies within the past year. We strive to collaborate with businesses that have an overall healthy financial situation.

Why Small Business Owners Benefit From Receiving a Loan

Receiving a loan can be a game changer for your business!

To date, we’ve provided more than 25,000 businesses nationwide with financing. These business owners have shared with us how receiving a loan positively affected their operations. Here are just a few ways that financing can help your business thrive:

Money Applications with Fora Financial Loans

You'll have money to utilize for whatever your needs are:

At Fora Financial, we don’t restrict how you use your loan. Whether it’s purchasing equipment or paying employees, you can invest in your business’s future however you’d like.
Improve your credit score image

You can improve your credit score:

When you receive a business loan and repay it on schedule, this can boost your credit score. Paying off loans and other bills in a timely manner is important, so consider this if you’re interested in improving your credit score.
Open store sign - opportunity for growth

You'll have growth opportunities:

With extra financing, your business can pursue strategic opportunities such as opening a new location, hiring staff, or offering more inventory.
Owner of store at peace of mind - Fora Financial

It brings peace of mind:

Having a business loan ensures that you’ll have money available for emergencies or exciting plans. That means a lot when you’re responsible for keeping your business afloat!

How to Use a Business Loan

There are so many ways to use a business loan to grow your operations. Here are just a few ways that you can spend additional financing:

Marketing Icon Fora Financial


Do you want to gain more customers? Using your loan for marketing projects might be the right choice for you. You can invest in branded materials, social media campaigns, or test other marketing ideas.
Payroll Icon


Once you receive a loan, you can put it towards payroll costs. You'll be able to breathe easy knowing you can pay your valuable employees.
Expansion Icon


If your business is experiencing significant growth, it might be time to expand your business! With additional financing, you can increase your space or unveil new product and service options.
Paying Bills Icon

Paying bills:

You likely have consistent bills that you must pay to keep your doors open and your lights on. Once you receive a small business loan, you’ll have funds available to use for making bill payments.
cash flow icon

Cash flow:

Many of the business owners we work with use their loan as cash flow stability. With added cash flow, you can pay for ongoing business expenses while having additional cash to use for other costs.
Inventory Icon


Are you worried about having enough inventory in stock? With a business loan, you’ll be able to pay for inventory orders, while still having funds for other areas of your business.
Renovations Icon Fora Financial


Whether its equipment upgrades, interior updates, or exterior projects, there may come a time that you’ll need to make renovations. Without making these updates, you could put your business at risk, so consider using your loan for this area.
Taxes Icon


It can be challenging to pay taxes while keeping your business up-and-running. Luckily, if you have a loan, you’ll be able to pay your taxes without taking away funds from your day-to-day operations.

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