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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Potential Customers

Our requirements are:

  1. At least six months in business
  2. Processing a minimum of $5,000 in credit card sales
  3. OR $12,0000 minimum in gross sales

Applying is easy. Click here.

Fora Financial offers two different types of financing programs:

  1. Merchant Funding
  2. Small Business Loan

Fora Financial is a direct lender of working capital.

There are a few ways that you can tell if the company you are working with is a direct lender:

  1. If the consultant you’re working with works directly for the company supplying capital to your business
  2. If the name of capital provider on the application you receive is the same as the name on the contracts.
  3. Your personal credit should only be pulled once when working with a direct lender. If you are not working with a direct funding company they may send your company information to several direct funding companies, who may all pull your credit.

At Fora Financial we are able to provide you the funding your business needs in as little as 72 hours after approval.  With minimal paperwork, we aim to create a stress and hassle free process. Receiving financing from a conventional bank can take upwards of three months.

Each program has its own terms for payback. Click here to learn more about our specific programs and terms for payback.

At Fora Financial we do not believe that the number of your credit score defines who you are as a business owner. We look at your entire business model along with your future plans to create a financing program that will help you reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Existing Customers

If you are a current Fora Financial customer and interested in obtaining additional funds we have a very simple and fast process. Our Relationship Management team can handle your renewal. You can contact them directly at 888-221-6031 or email at [email protected].

Fora Financial has a dedicated Relationship Management Department that will service all of your additional funding needs. They will reach out to you once you are eligible for additional capital.

If you would like to contact the team prior to this, the Relationship Management Department at Fora financial can be reached at 888-221-6031, Monday through Friday 9AM – 6PM EST.

Fora Financial’s Renewal Underwriting Department will review your business’s most recent months of revenue and other factors in order to provide you with additional capital. Then, we will base our new offer on the recent months to see any new trends. Being that each offer is tailored to that individual business, we will be able to answer both of these questions within 24 hours of receiving the necessary documents.

Merchant Funding:
For another merchant cash advance, we will need to see your 3 most recent business banking statements and merchant processing statements. Depending on the amount of capital we are providing to your business, we may also require your most recent Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Business Tax Return.

Small Business Loan:
If you’re applying for another small business loan, we require your 3 most recent business banking statements. Depending on the amount of working capital we are providing your business with, we may also need to see your most recent Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Business Tax Return.

The most effective and quickest option that we recommend is to upload documents directly through our portal. To access our portal, click here. You may also send them to your Relationship Manager.

Your account balance information can be found in your online account. To access your account, click here.

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