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“With Fora Financial, he was able to get an approval with minimal paperwork and the financing he needed within 3 business days.”
- Juan Manuel Perez, Restaurant Owner

Juan’s Journey

Juan Manuel Perez is the owner of two Pita Grill locations in Manhattan. Originally from Mexico City, Juan spent fifteen years moving up the franchise restaurant ladder; starting as a delivery boy, and then a cashier. Eventually, he found himself managing the business. With all the experience he earned at the Pita Grill franchise, Juan eventually acquired one of the locations as his own in 2008. After successfully running his original location, Juan opened his second establishment just a year later in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood.

Finding Fora Financial

In June 2012, one of the location’s ventilation system needed to be repaired. The issue was not only expensive but mandatory to repair immediately. Juan thought about applying for a bank loan, but quickly realized that the process was too time consuming. When he called Fora Financial, he was able to get an approval with minimal paperwork, and the financing he needed within three business days.

Franchise Restaurant Success

Juan has used Fora Financial’s merchant financing program six different times to make continuous improvements to his franchise restaurant businesses. The capital specialists are always available to answer his questions and ensure that his business continues to thrive.

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